Monday, November 9, 2009

Last Chaos Private Server

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O well,hi and wellcome to all of u who browsing my blog here.
Sorry for the bad english and wordspell. :p
O well,here its start..Take a deep breath.. XD
I've been playing last Chaos Online on Malaysia server and were having so much fun..
Tthe game was close at 31 Oct 2009 and I do feel really sad for that.
For all of MyLC members,I do miss u guys a lot :(

I was thinking about making a new private server that exactly the same as MyLC roleplay but than,I dont hv money to do so.Thats awfull :p
Here,who ever was thinking to do the same,maybe,just MAYBE i can help U. here's some info that may helps you. ;)
This is the service-side version of the domestic private beta version, and perhaps the previous version of the game.
No assassins, server set up as early as last year, I had come out because it is the Linux system, it has been put aside.
:Suse Linux 8.0 + Mysql Set up the official recommended system: Suse Linux 8.0 + Mysql
Server-side a total of two libraries, I provide compression packages have 2. Sql script file, you can import into.
Configuration file is in the program directory newStobm.bin documentation, you can use a text editor to modify.
Startup script, I have also provided a direct implementation in the program directory. / Start or can start.

Long Spirit online server set up issue
suse 10.01 My system suse 10.01
bytefx-data-mysql- Database bytefx-data-mysql-
qt3-mysql-3.3.4-28 qt3-mysql-3.3.4-28
php4-mysql-4.4.0-6 php4-mysql-4.4.0-6
mysql-shared-4.1.13-3 mysql-shared-4.1.13-3
perl-DBD-mysql-3.0002-2 perl-DBD-mysql-3.0002-2
mysql-4.1.13-3.6 mysql-4.1.13-3.6
mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-3 mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-3
mysql-client-4.1.13-3 mysql-client-4.1.13-3
I am in the program directory to run. / Start the following error occurs when

linux:/xxx/Game/LastChaos/LoginServer # ./start linux: / xxx / Game / LastChaos / LoginServer #. / start
-bash: ./start: Permission denied -bash:. / start: Permission denied

This is not OK to run
linux:/xxx/Game/LastChaos/LoginServer # ./run loginserver_1 start & linux: / xxx / Game / LastChaos / LoginServer #. / run loginserver_1 start &
-bash: ./run: Permission denied -bash:. / run: Permission denied
[1] 6042 [1] 6042
[1] Exit 126 ./run loginserver_1 start [1] Exit 126. / Run loginserver_1 start
linux:/xxx/Game/LastChaos/LoginServer # linux: / xxx / Game / LastChaos / LoginServer #

Browse a way to open RUN View ways to open the RUN
Let us now look to run the script
mysql seems to use 4.0, and then make up services provided by the runtime-game.

Eventhough its complicated(sometimes I dont get it too)but yeah,this may giving a new birth of a hero.
What are you waiting for.?Try it,and have fun. All the best for you guys!

For the boss 8)

Commands available
No GM command / level / content
1 / whoami jointly affirmed the administrator level
2 / whereami 3 shows the role of location
3 / summon npc name or npc number eight calls to the administrator before the NPC (generated NPC)
4 / qusetcomplete task number seven to complete the corresponding task
5 / statpoint value of 7 according to the number of compulsory set statpoint
6 / skillpoint value of 7 points according to their skills set mandatory
7 / goto xyz 3 to move to the corresponding coordinates
8 / npc_regen npc No. 8 immediately regen all to death NPC (range: At present, the administrator's area)
9 / kick the role of the role of force from 5 to log out
10 / expup value of 8 to set a mandatory value of the role of experience in the value of the corresponding%
11 / bloodpoint value of 8 to set a mandatory role bloodpoint
12 / observe 9 to set the game-observer
13 / chatmonitor role name all five observation of the role of chat
14 / common roles were eight roles before moving to the administrator
15 / go_pc role name beside the three moved to the appropriate role